Gateway Demo: Monetizing Video Content

This demos illustrate how you can monetize a website using the Adscend Media gateway. Our gateway is great for any type of content, but this demo will demonstrate monetizing a video. The video cannot be viewed by the user until they complete a survey from our gateway.
Keeping in mind that you can only monetize content which you have the legal right to, you could create individual sites that target specific videos, for example, which someone may be looking for. This way the websites can be written with search engine optimization in mind.
Monetizing content of various kinds is easy and effective with our content gateway!

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Our demos include a special "Demo Offer For Testing Purposes" so that you can simulate completion of an offer to unlock the content gateway. Simply click the offer and enter any text as your email address (the data isn't even stored) and then click submit. After about 10-15 seconds the content will unlock. At that point you could leave the demo and come back without completing an offer again. Our gateway stays unlocked for a user for the amount of time that you specify when you create the gateway (which defaults to 48 hours). To simulate that amount of time expiring and the page being locked again, you can delete your test lead from our system and then refresh the demo.