Virtual Rewards

Monetize Your Virtual Goods

Adscend Media provides the most comprehensive platform for monetizing your virtual goods. Our virtual rewards technology allows you to give consumers a no-cost alternative to purchasing your digital goods, services, and perks.

Examples of Virtual Rewards
  • In-Game Items/Currency
  • Web Services
  • Premium Features
  • In-App Features
  • Account Upgrades
  • Extended Usage Time

How It Works

  1. Adscend Media allows consumers to access premium digital content for free through thousands of publisher sites.

  2. Customers complete your offer to access the publisher’s premium digital content.

  3. Upon completion of the offer, you acquire a new customer and Adscend grants the consumer access to the premium content.

Virtual Rewards Technology

Our virtual rewards technology is powered by our robust & easy-to-use API, allowing you to fully customize the look and feel of our technology. Our API allows you to deploy our technology into web projects (PHP, CGI/Perl, etc.) as well as into other internet-enabled products, such as games, software, and mobile apps (via any relevant programming languages).