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Meet Our Rewarding Ad Formats. Pay For Performance Only

Cost Per Install

Adscend delivers scalable Android, iOS, or desktop installs at competitive rates globally. You only pay when a consumer installs and opens your app.

Cost Per Engagement

Drive consumers to dive deeper into your app to improve user retention and engagement. You only pay when a user reaches a certain point in your app or game.

Cost Per Video

Build and boost brand awareness amongst millions of highly engaged consumers through high quality video ads. VAST/VPAID compliant.

Cost Per Lead

Generate new leads for your service or product and collect and grow your user base.

Cost Per Sale

Drive users to purchase your product or service through a purchase funnel. You only pay on qualifying purchases on a flat or revenue share model.

Market Research

Generate market research survey completions from a base of highly engaged and targeted users. You pay for each survey completion.

Rewarded Video

Showcase your app through a short 15-30 second video trailer to encourage users to download your app. You only pay for users who choose to install your app.

Cost Per Call

Reach consumers who are interested in your product or service and allow them to call your customer representatives with the tap of a button. You only pay for qualified phone calls.

EngageMe.TV Video Ads

Our owned & operated video channel directly engages users with your brand, while delivering high-viewability and strong AVOC with your ad spend. CPM pricing. VAST/VPAID compliant.

Delivering Value to User, Publisher, & Advertiser

Intrusive...Unavoidable...Unrelated...It’s no surprise that users hate traditional ads. Therefore, since 2009, we’ve created ad solutions that reward users, not spam them. Allowing users to choose when they interact with ads creates a domino effect, with publishers earning more daily and advertisers getting better ROI.

Our primary source of desktop and mobile traffic comes from Rewarding Ads:

In lieu of spending money, users earn rewards by completing offers, performing easy actions likes watching videos, downloading apps, or registering for freebies. For each offer completed, the user earns credits towards in-app or in-site rewards (character upgrades, virtual currency, gift cards, etc.) from the publisher, the publisher earns a commission, and the advertiser receives a targeted user.


Offer Wall

"Adscend Media combines scale and dedicated account management to provide superior results on our user acquisition campaigns. I highly recommend Adscend Media and look forward to growing our ad spend with them."

Adam Salamon

Adam Salamon COO


Meet EngageMe.TV: Our Owned & Operated Video Channel that
Makes Sure Your Message is Seen (and Heard)!

Launching a video ad campaign across our EngageMe.TV channel allows your brand to generate maximum awareness at extremely competitive CPM rates. Your ads will be shown on a large player, to users choosing to watch videos in order to earn rewards from their favorite sites and apps. Placed between cooking demos, movie reviews, app trailers, and other engaging videos, your ads will truly get the audience they deserve.

  • High Average AVOC Rate (70%+)
  • Large Player
  • High Average Viewability Rate (95%)
  • Active Fraud Monitoring:

    Internal IVT Detection, IAS pre-bid
    White Ops pre-bid & post-bid, and Moat post-bid.

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Dramatically Grow Your User Base at Competitive Rates
with Our Self Serve Dashboard

Offer Wall

Whether you need a burst campaign to bring in tens of thousands of new users in a weekend, or are looking for a steady influx of new users, our user acquisition solutions can generate both for you quickly on a pay-for-performance basis. Launch your mobile campaign with Adscend today and let the world experience your app or game, along with a nice ASO boost!

Our Self Serve Dashboard is coming soon! But our account management team is happy to help you acquire more users today!
  • Scalable Campaigns
  • Traffic in Over 180 Countries
  • Multiple Traffic Options
  • Burst Campaigns Available

All Advertising Accounts Come With:

Account Management

Detailed Reporting

In-depth reporting and statistics enable you to quickly make decisions that maximize your ROI.

Account Management

Account Management

Our ad team will work with you to optimize your campaigns for volume and ROI.

Precise Targeting

Precise Targeting

Reach more relevant audiences with available demographic, geographic, device, and browser targeting options.

Pay For Performance

Pay For Performance

Never pay for non-converting ads again. You only pay for delivered results.



Rest assured, we have dedicated compliance staff and integrated fraud prevention technology.

Global Reach

Global Reach

Our vast base of publishers can help grow your brand in over 180 countries.

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