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Meet our innovative ad formats. Pay for performance only.

Our web and mobile ads enable your users to discover, experience, and become supporters of your brand. We guarantee that your ads will be seen, and that your target audience will hear your message.

Rewarded Video

Create a powerful first impression for your app through high-quality video ads directed at users seeking premium content or virtual rewards. Upon video completion, users are presented with an option to download your app, providing additional value to premium content/virtual rewards access. If a user chooses not install to your app, there is no charge, and you still get to introduce your app to a qualified mobile user!


Introduce your brand to highly engaged users, while they earn virtual rewards from their favorite apps or sites. Users are free to choose the offers and brands they would like to engage with.


Users discover and engage with your brand while they acquire highly sought-after content. Running your ad on AdLock traffic creates positive brand association with users experiencing your ad immediately before they receive premium apps, songs, images, or other pieces of digital content.

Drive more than leads with our ads. Create lasting relationships.

All of our solutions feature:

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    Precise targeting

    Reach more relevant audiences with available demographic, geographic, device, and browser targeting options.

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    Account management

    Our ad team will work with you to optimize your campaigns for volume and ROI.

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    Detailed reporting

    In-depth reporting and statistics enable you to quickly make decisions that maximize your ROI.

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    Pay for performance

    Never pay for non-converting ads again. You only pay for delivered results.

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    Rest assured, we have dedicated compliance staff and integrated fraud prevention technology.

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    Global reach

    Our vast base of publishers can help grow your brand in over 180 countries.

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