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Get to Know Adscend Media:

Started from the Bottom:

Since our humble beginnings as a two-person team in 2009, we’ve worked tirelessly to create a platform utilized by over 35,000 publishers in 180+ countries. We’re consistently recognized as leaders in the rewarded ad space, evidenced by recognition from industry leaders such as Inc. Magazine, Forbes, Empact Academy.

What We’re Known for:

Our rewards-based ad solutions, which include our owned and operated video properties, market research survey solution, and Offer Wall. These solutions allow users to access curated video content, as well as earn rewards from our mobile app and desktop partners by engaging with ads---such as by watching a short video, downloading an app, or taking a short survey.

What We’re All About:

We’re constantly enhancing our solutions to help our publishing partners earn more daily, our advertising partners achieve superior engagement, and our users enjoy better content while choosing to earn more rewards from their favorite apps and websites. Long story short, we work daily to Make Every Experience Rewarding.

Here’s What We Can Do for You:

Drive Better Brand Engagement:

Our solutions can help you reach users in 180+ countries, achieve superior viewability, and gain new customers. Whether you choose an instream video, banner, market research, or performanced-based campaign, your message will reach an attentive audience.

Boost Daily In-App, Site, and In-Game Earnings

Our monetization solutions use rewards to involve users and keep them coming back for more, helping to dramatically boost retention, time in site/app, and daily earnings. From indie devs to established rewards-sites, our solutions help publishers earn up to $90 eCPMs.

Help You Sleep Easier:

We’ve got your back in the fight against fraud.Total Fraud Defense(our proprietary fraud-fighting solution) combines a dedicated team and a suite of fraud-prevention technologies to combat fraud for you.

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Company Milestones

  • 2009:
    Adscend Media is founded by Fehzan Ali and Jeremy Bash.

  • 2009:
    Created content locking, a pioneering rewards-based monetization solution

  • 2010:
    5,000 publishers now use Adscend to monetize their apps, games, and sites

  • 2011:
    Created industry-first, rewards-based APIs, setting the pace for rapid programmatic growth

  • 2012:
    Industry-first device targeting developed, driving significantly higher ROI to partners at a critical turning point

  • 2014:
    Pioneering Offer Wall launched with industry-leading offer variety, as well as exclusive offer types and industry-first direct user support

  • 2015:
    Programmatic market research surveys launched in Offer Wall

  • 2015:
    Launched first ever native iOS and Android SDK for the rewards industry

  • 2015:
    Offers API launched, allowing network partners to take advantage of industry-leading offer inventory

  • 2016:
    Programmatic buying platform launched, maximizing global fill and ROI for partners

  • 2016:
    EngageMe.TV launched, allowing users to watch quality content, while also earning rewards by watching engaging videos, like cooking demos and movie reviews.

  • 2016:
    User video views surpass 100 million on EngageMe.TV!

  • 2017:
    Linked Partner Program launches, giving Offer Wall publishers the ability to earn more by directly integrating with our popular video rewards solutions.

  • 2017:
    User video views now reach over 200 million!

  • 2017:
    Over 35,000 Adscend publishers now choose Adscend to monetize their apps, games, and sites

  • 2018: launched, giving creators a new way to gain better exposure for their videos, as well as providing viewers with handpicked videos and an opportunity to earn rewards.

  • 2018: successfully drives better engagement for ad partners, producing 97% viewability and 70% AVOC.
  • 2019:
    HideoutTV Launches

  • 2020:
    Lauched HideoutTV sister sites
  • 2021: launched - fast growing rewards platform that provides an all-in-one experience where members can make money online quickly by completing simple and fun tasks
  • 2022:
    Lootup Android app launched for even better user experience
  • 2023:
    PixelPointTV launched, allowing users to watch quality content, while also earning rewards by watching PixelPointTV videos

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