Block Fraud in Real Time with Adscend’s Total Fraud Defense

Over 9 Years of Building Anti-Fraud Detection Technology

Fraud Prevention Starts with Our Team

Every partner application we receive is manually vetted thoroughly by our team. Less than 8.3% of applications meet the strict standards that we’ve set for our ad platform. Once we’ve accepted a partner, we provide them with insights and best practices to reduce fraud at the source. Our account management team regularly reviews partner accounts to ensure compliance with all policies and to provide regular updates to minimize fraud.

Bad IP Detection & Filtration

We protect your traffic by blocking all known VPNs, proxies, and bots with our in house detection technology. Every day, thousands of IPs are added to our IP blacklist. We add an additional layer of security here by partnering with two third party bad IP detection services to ensure there are no gaps in our detection.

Abnormal Behavior Detection & Filtration

Fraud is more complex than ever before. We go beyond the IP to analyze a particular video view, click, impression, or other actions and filter abnormal behavior in real time. In addition to countless behavioral checks and tracking technology, we utilize multiple industry leading anti-fraud verification/pre-bid solutions to ensure there are no gaps in our detection.

Regular Human Review

We understand fraud is constantly evolving. Our in-house compliance team analyzes traffic in real time to spot any undetected abnormalities. As we find any undetected behavior, our compliance team works with our development team to ensure fraudulent traffic is quickly stopped from a number of different angles.

Frequent Updates

Fraud prevention is top of mind for our entire team. Our development team pushes updates to FraudFilter multiple times a week to ensure maximum effectiveness of our solutions.

Combined, we utilize hundreds of data points on each engagement with our platform to eliminate the vast majority of ad fraud. Total Fraud Defense is Provided FREE to ALL of Adscend Media’s advertisers.

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