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Adscend Media's high engagement, performance-based advertising solutions connect your company with a global audience on the web.

Our Advertising Placement Solutions:

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Why choose Adscend Media:

Campaign Management

We listen to and work with each advertising partner to meet their advertising goals and create profitable, sustainable campaigns. As an advertising partner, you will be assigned a dedicated campaign manager to ensure prompt optimization and support.

Select Your Advertising Channel

When you launch your campaign with us, you decide what solutions you are interested in and we'll deliver closely monitored, quality traffic.

Global Reach

Looking to target international leads? We serve ads in over 180 countries. With each campaign set up with us, you can specify the target countries to serve your ads.

Generate High Quality Leads

Through our high-engagement advertising solutions, you can expect to generate high quality leads that meet your ROI goals.

Pay For Performance

As an advertising partner, you only pay for tangible results -- leads delivered. You tell us what constitutes as a lead, such as a purchase, member registration, a survey, or any other submission you consider a conversion, and then pay only when that action occurs.

Advanced Fraud Prevention Technology

We understand the importance of fraud prevention technology. Our in-house technology allows us to promptly and proactively eliminate fraudulent and questionable publisher, raising overall lead quality as a result.


We understand the importance of positive brand association and have dedicated compliance staff to ensure our advertising placements are in line with your requirements, our terms of services, and any applicable laws. Rest assured, your best interests are our top priority.