Performing Advertising

What Is Performance Advertising?

Performance advertising is the most measurable and efficient advertising model, where advertiser spend is based only on the results attained. Already a multi-billion dollar channel, the segment continues to grow, as advertisers, facing small budgets and big expectations, increasingly look to performance-based marketing initiatives to expand their business.

Our Performance Advertising Models:

Cost Per Lead

Cost Per Lead (CPL) advertising is generally used by our advertisers to generate registrations for community sites, rewards programs, loyalty programs, newsletters, fan pages, etc. CPL campaigns only require consumers to submit information; No credit card is required. Interested in a CPL campaign? As an advertising partner, our extensive reach & pinpoint targeting will allow you to reach the right audience.

Cost Per Sale

Cost Per Sale (CPS) advertising is generally used by our advertisers to generate trial sign ups, paid subscriptions, or actual purchases for their products/services. As an advertising partner, we can help you acquire new sales through a CPS campaign.

Cost Per Download/Install

Are you looking for downloads or installs of your software or apps? As an advertising partner, we can drive new, targeted users to download/install your products.

Market Research/Consumer Surveys

Are you conducting market research or consumer surveys? As an advertising partner, we can drive relevant users to your research/survey questionnaires to expand your reach.

The Right Ad Choice For Your Campaign

As an advertising partner, our ad-serving platform allows you to deploy campaigns across our Content Locking and Virtual Rewards solutions, or for promotion by our traditional performance marketing publishers. These placements can include Banner Display, SEO, Search PPC, Social PPC, PPV/CPV, or Contextual ads. When you launch your campaign, you decide what types of traffic you're interested in and we'll deliver closely monitored, quality traffic.